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Pail Refresher Takes The Win On Good Morning America's 'Shark Tank Your Life' Spring-Cleaning Edition

New Automatic, Non-toxic, Garbage/Diaper Pail Deodorizer: Pail Refresher Launches in Time for the Holidays

The newest product on the market, the patented Pail Refresher, an automatic, non-toxic and ‘green’ garbage/diaper pail deodorizer, has just launched and is perfect for getting rid of any foul smells.

NEW YORK November 12, 2013 -Ideas Space Time Inc. has just launched one of two of their latest products- the Pail Refresher, The Pail Refresher is an automatic, motion-activated, non-toxic, green, deodorizing spray, designed for use in all size garbage pails and diaper pails to eliminate really pungent smells. With a great fresh scent, it's not only safe for people, but pets as well.

The non-toxic, eco-friendly formula makes it ideal for all household pails, in a nursery for those overpowering diaper pails, or in large garage pails.

"Our new product offers the unique combination of being automatic and releasing a non-toxic green spray,” says company president, Julie Fehring. “So many other big name brands have toxins and chemicals that can be potentially harming to kids and families when it’s constantly being sprayed in the air."

Its motion activated technology lets it automatically release a fresh smelling spray directly into the garbage upon any movement of the pail, door or cover. It also has a timing device so it doesn’t activate more than necessary.

Its battery operated, washable, and simple to use. Hang it in the pail or stick it inside the lid/door. The spray canister is long lasting, depending on use. Canister refills are easy to purchase to extend its use.

Click to watch a video about the Pail Refresher:

Owned and created by Ideas Space Time Inc., The Pail Refresher is an automatic, non-toxic, green, deodorizing spray that can be used in garbage pails and diaper pails. For more information, please visit:

Julie Fehring
Ideas Space Time Inc.

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